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India Best Investment Destination of the World - E&Y REPORT

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Taxation relating to Intellectual Properties View »


Opportunities A presentation of Case Studies of select real estate properties in India with high potential of value appreciation in short time frames of 3 to 6 years Tata Housing Project Serin … View »

Adroit Global Property Management 7 Comments

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2015     The UAE's house prices are now falling! After the unsustainable growth surge of the last two years, Dubai’s housing market is now slowing sharply, and… View »

Real Estate - "India USA" Collborative 6 Comments

Investment Properties in USA  Generate 10 - 50% ROI on Your Investments Are you looking to invest in real estate in India? With "Adroit-Phicon" investing in Indian real estate has never been e… View »

Acquirers Listing

Example: AIPC Acquiring Code DD_AIPC_AC_1 AIPC Referral Code DD_AIPC_RC_1 AIPC pack size (Value){Acquiring Date} 15 (90USD) {17th May 2015} Option 1 Buy back Value at 3… View »

AIPC Acquiring & Buy Back Agreement

AIPC Acquiring & Buy Back Agreement   This Agreement between the Seller and the Acquirer identified herein below, entered into on this ____________ day of _______ 20____ governs the purch… View »

Acquire Adroit Intellectual Property Cells

Each AIPCell is valued at USD 6.00 We offer AIPCells in the following packets : 15, 100, 150,  Each cell has a unique alphanumeric code. Adroit Intellectual Property Cells… View »

Key Questions Answered

Key Questions Answered 1. Question: Why are we selling part of our IP                   Answer: To fuel and drive our operational needs and grow our IP to… View »


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