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Arts and Humanities
The Colosseum

The arts and humanities encompass a range of subjects that are all concerned with cultural expression and how it has come to take the forms that exist today.

Business and Management
the stock exchange

In a world of economics, business and management is an essential part of everyday life. Learning new skills in organisational activities helps individuals, small businesses and large companies accomplish their goals and objectives.

Childhood and Youth
children painting a wall

Looking at the world from a child’s or young person’s point of view isn’t always easy. Education, language and social integration in a multicultural society presents many challenges for the youth workers of today.

Computing and ICT
fiber optic cables

Virtually everything we do involves computers and ICTs – from booking tickets online and emailing friends to paying by credit card and using household appliances.

Children playing

With changes now taking place to widen participation and strengthen teaching and learning at all levels, education is – more than ever – a dynamic, challenging and rewarding sector to be involved in.

Engineering and Technology
turbine engine

If you enjoy solving problems and have a good imagination, you’ll find engineering and technology stimulating and challenging fields of study.

Environment, Development...
scrap yard full of old cars

Climate change, global trade, war, cultural conflict, biodiversity, poverty and the challenges of international development are among the defining features of our times.

Health and Social Care
doctor in surgical mask

Health and social care is a wide ranging subject. Whether you’re living with a disability or working within the industry, health and social care covers health sciences, health studies, nursing, public health, social care, social work and sport and fitness.

French taxi

Do you want to communicate in another language? Gain an insight into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese or Welsh-speaking cultures.

the scales of justice

Law is a fascinating subject, with a great tradition and a dynamic future. It’s a foundation stone of society and plays an increasingly important and visible role in virtually all areas of modern life.

Mathematics and Statistics
a close up on a fossil

Mathematics and statistics play a part in almost all daily activities. They are at the heart of advances in science and technology, as well as being indispensable problem-solving and decision-making tools in many areas of life.

a human eye

Psychology is more than just what makes people tick. It’s about assessing different kinds of evidence leading to opportunities in education, industry, the health professions, management, advertising and marketing, human resources, research, counseling, and social services.

close shot of insects eyes

The more you look into science, the more fascinating it becomes. Science is all around us, continuously unfolding and giving us the chance to improve our world’s social and economic future.

Social Sciences
people holding hands

Many social science subjects provide fascinating insights into everyday life in our communities, families and workplaces. Topics include criminology, economics, geography, media studies, politics, psychology, social policy and sociology.

a part of the CERN machine

We believe that our research engages with some of the major issues facing the world today; issues affecting the community that sustains us. Certainly our research informs public opinion and policy, and promotes debate and engagement with key questions of the day.



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