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Prevent & Preserve

Informative Articles that help you prevent health problems: Stroke Prevention View »

Why India?

Why India? If you can get your ailing heart cured or get you hip replaced at home, why bother to travel across the globe for medical treatement? Patients seeking treatment in India are motivated to… View »

Cost Comparison

With Dramatic Cost Savings Treatment USA (US$) India (US$) Heart Angiogram 4,000 600 Angiopla and stent 16,000 6,000 Pacemaker 16,000 5,000 Ra frequency and ablation 14,000 2,… View »


Cosmetic Surgery Breast Augmentation Breast Reduction Breast Lift BRCA gene test for breast cancer Breast MRI Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) Liposuction Face and neck lift Nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty)… View »

Our Services

OUR SERVICES : A single point contact for all your medical referrals to India.                                 &… View »


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