3F: Fruitful Foot Falls

3F: Fruitful Foot Falls ::: The Key to Growing Sales!
Partner with us on Drivingdreams.in get loyal customers, convert your lowest sale days into fruitful High sale days, get customer feedback on your promotional activities, get product & services reviews..., We give you premium footfalls with high potential of converting into increasing sales!
Drivingdreams.in is a vibrant social community of celebrated individual members from all walks of life who can be described as: the awakened, the educated, the passionate, the creative and foremost: Having Medium - High to Very High purchasing power...
For the consideration of each Cash Voucher worth Rs. 2500.00 (or Rs. 1500.00 or Rs. 600.00 ) valid for the purchase of your products / services at your retail outlet on designated days, Drivingdreams.in sends to your retail outlet carefully selected Individuals from amongst its pre-screened members. 
How many will we send?: 2500!!! , on designated (WDOTW) Weakest days of the Week! mostly these are Tuesday's & Wednesday's...
2500 of our members coming into your retail store on these Weak days of the Week, most probably will spend more than the gifted cash voucher. For a Supermarket like "BigBazaar" or Star Bazzaar or Reliance Mart or "WestSide" this gift cash voucher can be split into product categories to give effective exposure to the different product categories available. For example: the Rs. 2500.00 Gift voucher can be split into Rs. 500.00 at the grocery, Rs. 500.00 at toileteries, Rs. 500.00 at Clothing, Rs. 500.00 at stationery, Rs. 500.00 at Jewellery etc... As the Retail store you can recover this cost from your participating retail product suppliers!
Very Important: Your Gift Voucher is at the MRP of products without any other offer attached to it, whilst you get the products FOC from your suppliers as a Weak day sale boosting exercise!
Modus Operandi:
As the Sponsor you get to see complete details of profiles of our members to whom we pass on your gift vouchers, you can later contact them with further offers to their mobile phones and email contacts. We have their express consent regarding receiving this promotion offers.
We will give you mobile phone numbers of our selected members and you will be responsible to update your stores with the information of these mobile phone numbers eligible for the Rs. 2500.00 gift vouchers.
Indemnity & Security deposit from the Sponsor: Amount equivalent to the sponsorship amount to be kept with us as Security Deposit, which will be refunded to you once our members have within the stipulated time visited your retail outlet and redeemed the gift vouchers. The security deposit is a guarantee that the sponsor will honor its commitment, failing which drivingdreams.in will forfeit the security deposit and compensate its participating member proportionately from the security deposit.
Drivingdreams.in will facilitate to its best effort that its members visit the retail outlet within the stipulated time, if less members visit this would only mean the sponsor forfeiting the gift  vouchers of members who did not attend their retail store within the stipulated time.
Write up to the Mall Manager
Dear Sir/Madam
Driving Dreams is an online community which brings together people who love to Drive! Drive all kinds of things.., Cars, SUV's, Bikes, Trucks, Airpalnes... and most importantly who Drive their Dreams to reality!!!
Here, Driving lovers from all over the world get together to share a common interest in cars and also participate in various contests from time to time, winning exiting prizes.
Currently we are running a contest that gives away a C class Mercedes Benz as the first prize.
For this we are going to target very specific clientele that has reasonably high purchasing power.
We plan to give away free gift vouchers from big retail chains like you as reimbursement to the remaining contestants.
We kindly invite you to be part of our initiative as one of the main sponsor of our event.
This will ensure "Very Premium Footfalls" and give immense exposure to your store amongst these discerning customers who love to purchase big brands but are also looking to strike a good bargain.
Additionally we will provide you with complete contact details of these customers who can be further contacted for loyalty programs and other schemes you may be running at any given time. 
Come partner us in our event and reap big benefits.
We intend to offer a Combined Gift Voucher worth Rs. 2500.00 to 6000 of our premium members.
As a multi-mega-brand retail mall it will be most convenient to receive 6000! of our premium members visit your Mall on pre-notified Weak days of the Week! 
You can ideally bifurcate the gift vouchers among your retail stores:
  • Rs. 500 - BigBazzar
  • Rs. 500 - Clothes brand like Killer Jeans, Westside, Mom& Me, 
  • Rs. 500 - Shoe stores.. Mochi, Liberty, Metro, Bata..
  • Rs. 500 - on electronic stores..Lap-top's Mobile's
  • Rs. 400 - Gaming Zone
  • Rs. 100 - Food Court...
Total Rs. 2500.00
Parking Free to our visiting members...!
(Terms & Conditions Would Apply)
This will ensure maximum exposure to your varied retail outlets and almost ensure our visiting members spending more than the bifurcated voucher even though its not mandatory!
Looking forward to a positive response from you
Yours truly
Driving dreams



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Comment by Adroit In Media Pvt. Ltd. on August 22, 2012 at 11:04am

Impressiv first draft of the borchure to be sent to the sponsors has come from Mahesh, improvements are happening and a revised draft will be available by today evening ... please click on the images to see them full and comment...

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