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 17th December 2014

 Morning after breakfast at 8am we gave one tablet Omnacortil.. , we were pleasantly surprised to see a magical effect starting in one hour and total magical relief in 2 hours and then on wards.., Sara had no pain and she felt like a free bird.. , there was no limp in her walk and , now she loved to climb stairs...,

We missed giving her the HCQS200 (0.5 tablet) thinking we will give it at night.., but it remained..

till 7pm she was excellent, we took her to the mall and she truly enjoyed her time... she had a snack of KFC pop-corn chicken

around 7:30pm she began to feel tired again.., we returned home from the mall and she had dinner and we then repeated the Omnacortil second dose as prescribed.

We noticed that both at breakfast and dinner time she ate very little before eating omnacortil, but about 10 - 15 minutes after eating omnacortil she felt good hungry and ate her share of food which was new to us since long time (about 8 - 10 months)

we gave at prescribed times calcimax-P 5ml twice and 0.5 tablet Folvite..

In the night she slept ccomparatively at ease.. , though she did wake up twice crying with pain in the knee and twice with some bad dream



18th December 2014


Today we woke her up around 7am so that we could keep time to give her omnacortil at 8am after breakfast.., she cried a lot to wake-up but not in pain.., rather because her sleep was disturbed...,around 8:15 am after breakfast we gave Omnacortil.

Omnacortil seems to do a magic charge into her.., after 15 minutes of Omnacortil she feels super charged and does not want to sleep and wants to do all activities..

at around 2pm after lunch we gave her 0.5 tablet HCQS-200

earlier during the day she at different times complained of sever pain in the ear when she yawned.., but it disappeared after a while..

at around 6:30 pm she ate KFC pop-corn chicken (small)

around 8:30 pm we gave her second dose of omnacortil

night was normal and she did not cry in pain.., 


 19th December 2014

 Sara woke up today at 6 am.. around 8 she had her breakfast , and we gave her Omnacortil

around 2pm HCQS

and around 9pm Omnacoritl again..

today during the day she did suffer pains and even she herself felt that today omnacortil was not as magical as the earlier two days..

at 10:15 pm in the night for a minute she had strong pain in her right heel.

 20th December 2014

 After breakfast we gave her omnacortil.. 

after lunch hcqs.., she was quite freely playful during the day..

at 5:30 after snack..., around 7 she had a head ache worrying about the injection around 8pm we gave domstel and at 8:10pm injection folitrax 0.4 ml , after which she had her food.., in the night time again she had head ache but it cured itself and later she slept well

 21st December 2014

 since the last night she slept late around 12am.. , we woke her around 7:30.. she ate light break fast followed by omnacortil.. , but even before break fast she had sever headache... , eventually it cured other routine day..

 22nd December 2014

 during the day sara had headache few times.. at times sever.., otherwise the whole day very playful.. , in morning snack she had chicken popcorn.., evening around 6pm she tasted at a restaurant onion capsicum uttapa (1/4) and then around 9 she had a toast cheese sandwich and she was very playful., at night 12 am she was hungry so she ate full dinner and slept well... , 

 23rd December2014

Sara woke up at around 7:15am (since we try to finish her breakfast for omnacortil dose at 8am.. ) but after going to toilet she slept again..
then .. she woke up at around 9:15 am with strong vomit sensation.., and she vomited  just clear water 5 to 6 spoons.., but her vomit sensation continued..., at around 9:50 am we gave her 3ml domstal.. but just after a minute of taking it she vomited it out along with clear water that she had drunk to take the medicine.., after that she felt slight relaxed but in a while again started feeling vomit sensation..,around 10:15 am we tried to give her Cheekoo fruit.., she ate one piece.., but after 15 minutes.. vomited it out this time with little yellow liquid.. we assume it must be acidity..., 
so today we could not give omnacortil... morning dose...
at 11am she was feeling very sleepy with tiredness and headache (because of the vomiting we suppose) and she was falling asleep, we tried to give her sweet lime juice of just half sweet lime.. but in 5 minutes she vomited it out.. with again some acidic yellow substance..
and after this she felt a bit better and when we motivated her to eat a banana and she just had couple of bites of it..... after which she felt better... 

 3rd Jan 2015

Past few days have been good..., 
another notable difference is.. that she has regained her appetite beautifully.., at times we note that her tummy seems bloated or tight and she complains that she finds it difficult to breathe because her stomach is so full, we ask her to walk at such times, drink some warm water and I do some foot reflexology to her and mostly she then goes to potty and feels much better..., we feel maybe after so much time that she has regained her appetite that she is enjoying eating and that's why her tummy appears fuller.., even her cheeks have gained some fat it appears...


11th Jan 2015
All previous days normal..., on 9th Jan just before coming to sleep at around 10:45 sara started to go to toilet(urine) every 1 minute... she could just not sit and everytime little urine she would pass.., we sought advice from Dr. Vaidya who kindly responded immediately and prescribed cital 3.5ml in 15ml water thrice a day.. , within 45 minutes of the first dose sara could control and slept well..

 12th JAN 2015 (Monday)

around evening (8pm) she stumbled and fell on the floor at home while playing , banged her fore-head and had a big bump on her right forehead , it seems sprained her right shoulder..., it pained to lift her arm.., but it got under control, she slept ok... , next day morning she had more pain in her shoulder so we skipped school..., but during the day of 13th JAN she was very good and she attended School nicely on 14th JAN, when she came back home from school... she was having slight running nose (15th was school holiday) so we ignored the slight running nose..., and kept the normal daily medicine...,  

on 15th evening (6pm) while eating a mixed fruit plate she had vomiting sensation.. , which gradually got stronger..., earlier during the day she had sever head ache.., the vomit sensation and attempting to vomit got stronger and stronger and she spent 2 hours trying to vomit but nothing came out.., just transparent liquid.., at 9pm we gave her ondem 4ml... and gradually it got under control.. , she ate little food at 12am.. , could sleep troubles.., around 3am we repeated ondem 4ml., on 15th evening we missed the after dinner dose of omnacortil 10 -(due to the strong vomit sensation) ,

on 16th morning we gave ondem4ml around 9am.. , then routine day..., visited Dr. Vaidya.. we had given her naprosyn aorund 6pm for severe headache...

on 17th JAN Saturday sara woke-up with severe pain in her right ear.., we gave her homeopathic medicine which got her ear pain under control...



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