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I think we all have experienced stress in our lifetime, once , i think , for sure. And because of this one thing, we can invite many more beautiful and heavy weight diseases in our body. so i think,  when we start feeling low, or start craving for more sweets, salty, unhealthy stuff, knowing not good for your health and then too you are eating, not actually hungry but then too wanna binge something, especially…


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Parenting issues

When two people get married and decide to have children, they rarely talk about the specifics of how they plan to raise these children.The relationship between the parents is more important, that is, how the two parents work together to raise the children, needs to be higher priority than the parenting skills of either parent. I feel that parents should adopt different parent syles than stick to one. It is quite…


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Akbar The Great

Today i was sitting infront of my television and i saw that there is a cartoon made on Akbar and Birbal. It was quite interesting to watch it. there are many movies and serials also going on him but this cartoon was too good. I liked the cartoon more because they don't waste time in music and drama and showing the unnecessary expressions with dialogues repeated ten times and gong banging behind. Its too boring.…


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Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish are found in different parts of coastal India but are seen rarely in lakes.They aren't actually fish so in America, the American public aquariums have popularized use of the term "jellies"intead and they call the "sea jellies"

 Marine biologists have discovered a jellyfish lake in Gujarat, probably the first such in…


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Prairie Dog

Today i was sitting with my cup of coffee and enjoying the rain, when i saw this article about Praire dog in the newspaper. i thought , as their name, that they must be of dog family, but NO, they aren't, and to my surprise, they are burrowing rodents, native to the grasslands of North America.

They are named for their habitat…


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My Dreams

Dear Friends even after being a member of this Community of achievers for so long the DAILY routine gave me no time to contribute to this worthy cause. Many a times I wanted to think of this fabulous opportunity to think and rethink of my DREAMS that drive my LIFE. Every life, and to be very precise, nearly every act of life, is actually driven by a need a dream and all of us just keep going forward towards it's realisation. All What we are and all that we hope to be is actually envisaged in…


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Our VOGC's could win you your Dream Car!!! A Mercedes C200 (petrol CGI) !!!

Be part of our Activity Group: Drive Your Dreams ( by purchasing our VOGC's ... validate them by gifting them to other members and grow your friendships, open up newer opportunities of learning and enriching yourself with exploring and growing your hobbies and business interests.

The Lucky Draw to be held once 100000 VOGC's get sold!

  1. First Lucky Winner (the owner of the…

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